We Went Shark Fishing!

Robert Shaw, ain't got nothing on me!

We Went Shark Fishing!

My arms are sore… No.. I mean my arms are really super sore… I just drove back to our Airbnb with my knees. But guess what? it was all worth it because…  WE CAUGHT A SHARK BABY!!!!!!!!!! A 350lb. of Porbeagle shark to be exact (basically Jaws’s little cousin…)

Our day started off slow… we spent 3 hours killing time while we fail at catching bait-fish which led to a rather quickly climactic 5 minutes of actual shark fishing and this beautiful monster shows up.

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So, the shark slowly hits the line. We stare at the captain while he waits for it to take the bait. Then he finally rips his arms up and sets the hook. Followed by a loud, high pitch scream as the reel spun constantly letting out line for roughly 10 minutes.

Now if you’ve ever had a sharp 12 inch rod rammed threw your cheek you most likely can guess, this shark… Was rather pissed.

Next thing i know, I’m being strapped to the boat so Betsy the shark doesn’t rip me out to sea, and its my turn in the chair.

“Don’t look at the reel… Don’t look at the reel… Don’t look at the reel…” I can still hear them yelling at me so I don’t screw up and snap the line…. Which of course has the opposite effect because… if you ever tell someone to “not think of an orange…”… guess what they do?  They think of a bloody orange…

After being vocally castrated for about 10 minutes I finally getting my head in the game and stop looking at the reel. This is just about the moment that I look up and about 100 yards off the front of our boat there is a yung mother, with an infant and a toddler wading in the water at what appears to be a gorgeous public beach.

This is about the point in my head when alarms start going off. “don’t f*&^ this up, don’t f*&^ this up, don’t f*&^ this up,…. Don’t be the ass who pissed off baby steroid Jaws and let it off the line 100 meters from some tasty mother and her baby buffet…. Needless to say… stress was involved.

Fast-forward 3 hours, 5 people have taken a series of turns reeling this monster in. We finally get it up to the boat, snap some photos they do a bunch of science testing, tag the shark, and ask us what we want to name it.

The hulk strong super nice guy from Newfoundland yells out “WINGS, you know.. because we were eating chicken wings when we caught the fish.” The Marine Biologist lady from St. Andrews Sport Fishing Co. says “cool”.  Next thing you know, were headed home and it feels like my arms got run over, by a 350lb Porbeagle shark.

Quick Recap…

Went fishing. Caught shark. Arms are sore…

If your ever looking for an AMAZING day in Newbrunswick, DO THIS!!!


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