The idea behind PACE & MIND was to create an athletic brand that brought the look and feel of endurance sport away from the modern plastic look. I wanted to create a brand that echoed the bold thick stripes & clean lines of the sports history. Looking at images of pre 1940’s athletes such as Jesse Owens is what inspired this modern take on a more authentic design.
Brand:Pace & Mind Inc.
My Role:Creative Direction, Brand Creation, Photography, Social Media, Web Design, Clothing Design

Building an athletic brand
from the ground up.

Pace & Mind is a premium and advanced coaching service for distance runners, based in Toronto. The programs are lead by two elite Canadian distance runners: Head Coach and Co-founder Rejean Chiasson, Canadian Marathon Champion and Kate Van Buskirk, Commonwealth Games Bronze Medalist.

As a Co-founder my goal for pace and mind was to create a timeless athletic brand. At home in the modern digital space, but without the dated tacky look of the neon post 80’s Nike / Adidas & Reebok. I wanted a runner to look like an athlete again. Not a dance show contestant.

The Pace & Mind brand references the bold stripes & colour patterns of the Jesse Owens era of track.

Look to the past, to decide the future.

Testimonial by Nathan Monk
Richard has a unique ability to create authentic brands that strike a cord with the customer. Pace & Mind very quickly became a timeless brand with a loyal band of customers across the nation because it truly represented the dreams, hard-work and mental skills of runners.
Nathan Monk
Senior Growth Marketer @ MaRS Discovery District