Guess Who’s Knocked up?

I'm Going To Be A Dad?

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Its 7 Am… I feel a tap at my shoulder… (I’m hung over… or still a little drunk, I’m not sure…)

Erin whispers “Babe”…. “Babe…”  then she yells “BABE!!!!!!”

I startle awake.

“WHAT?” ~Me

“I took a pregnancy test… It was positive” ~Erin

I roll over, give her a thumbs up and promptly daze back to sleep.

All week Erin’s been bitchy in the car. On the beach, at the Airbnb’s. I figured it was just because she had spent like 17 hours in one day in the sun, stuck in a car. I was wrong. It turns out, Erin has a bun in the oven.

So… I’m gonna be a dad!  Oh shit… I’m going to be a dad?

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