Almost Done

2016 can kiss my ass!

Almost Done

A few months ago I was working late at the office. In the background, I streamed the Tragically Hip’s last concert. Gord Downie gave one of the most amazing performances I’ve ever seen.

He then went on to release Secret Path, make appearances all over the country, and basically spend the past year going out in the most admirable way one could ever imagine. If death is a black terrifying void at the end of a tunnel, Gordon just spent 12 months dancing on rainbows. The mans heroic.

In a year that’s literally seen everyone die… Prince… David Bowie… and today Princess Leia…  I hope one day, when I see the serpent at the end of that tunnel I can go with a shred of the dignity Gordons showing.

I really hope we can get threw the next few days without loosing anyone else…

Anyways… 3 Months till the baby gets here!

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